Book Review: Sisters Like Us

Book Review: Sisters Like UsSisters Like Us by Susan Mallery
Series: Mischief Bay #4
on January 23rd 2018
Pages: 432
Reading Challenges: 2018 POPSUGAR Reading Challenge, Bookopoly 2018, Literary Escapes 2018

The grass is always greener on your sister’s side of the fence…
Divorce left Harper Szymanski with a name no one can spell, a house she can’t afford and a teenage daughter who’s pulling away. With her fledgeling virtual-assistant business, she’s scrambling to maintain her overbearing mother’s ridiculous Susie Homemaker standards and still pay the bills, thanks to clients like Lucas, the annoying playboy cop who claims he hangs around for Harper’s fresh-baked cookies.
Spending half her life in school hasn’t prepared Dr. Stacey Bloom for her most daunting challenge—motherhood. She didn’t inherit the nurturing gene like Harper and is in deep denial that a baby is coming. Worse, her mother will be horrified to learn that Stacey’s husband plans to be a stay-at-home dad…assuming Stacey can first find the courage to tell Mom she’s already six months pregnant.
Separately they may be a mess, but together Harper and Stacey can survive anything—their indomitable mother, overwhelming maternity stores and ex’s weddings. Sisters Like Us is a delightful look at sisters, mothers and daughters in today’s fast-paced world, told with Susan Mallery’s trademark warmth and humor.

I received this book for an honest review from the Susan Mallery Review Crew and I was not let down.

In Sisters Like Us we get to return to Mischief Bay and are reunited with Lucas, who was the cop shot in the previous book and was being nursed by Jen. We are also introduced to sisters Harper and Stacey, and Harper’s daughter Becca.

Harper is a single mother running an virtual assistant business, while trying to take care of her teenage daughter, Becca and maintain her sanity. Her mother, Bunny, lives in an apartment attached to the house and often criticizes  Harper for the choices she has mad, the choices she will make and about everything you could possibly think of. Harper’s business and her mother’s income keeps her afloat, barely. She is often too nice and has a hard time telling people no when it comes to her business, and this often causes her to lose money.

Her client, Lucas, often keeps her entertained with his frequent young girlfriends, daily visits, and witty conversations. He often flirts with Harper, however, she does not noticed and in fact, I am not sure Lucas knows he is doing so. The two form an interesting friendship that could possibly become something more.

Stacey is a doctor working for a lab trying to cure multiple sclerosis. She is married to Kit and the two are about to have their first child together. Stacey is horrified because she feels she does not have the motherly touch. Her husband and her sister try to reassure her on a daily basis to no avail. Her mother, Bunny, does not know that she is pregnant because Stacey is afraid of what she might say or think of her. And she must tell her before the baby girl arrives during the summer.

Becca, Harper’s daughter, is going through alot in her teenage years. She does not have a close relationship with her mother since her parents have gotten divorced and her mother started a business to keep them afloat. Her best friends seem to be drifting away figuratively and literally. It isn’t until she befriends not only Lucas but Kit’s nephew Ashton that she starts to see things and experience things differently.

As with all of Mallery’s books I was not disappointed. It did take me a while to read, but that had nothing to do with the book itself. Once I picked it up and began to read I didn’t want to put it down and just had to see what was happening with all these wonderful and lovely characters and women.

I would, as always, definitely recommend this book to anyone who loves a good romance, mother-daughter, sister-sister story. You will not be disappointed.


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