Hooting December #OTSPSecretSister Package!!!


My December package arrived about a week ago, however, my computer sucks so I can’t use it often, if at all. So I am finally able to make this post…at work (*gasp*).

To say that I was ecstatic is an understatement. My sister, who is also my birthday buddy, said she has been planning this theme/package since the beginning.

The theme was …


Included in the package were:

  • an owl Christmas ornament
  • some owl Christmas sock
  • an owl notebook
  • some owl earrings
  • an owl decorative with smell goods
  • a pink crocheted cap
  • peppermint bark (that I thought I wouldn’t like, but quite enjoyed it)
  • a Christmas card
  • a cute note card

I loved everything and instantly put the new ornament on my “Charlie Brown” tree. I’ve already won the socks, and of course the chocolate is all gone.

Thank you for such an awesome December package. I was beyond thrilled and thoroughly enjoyed this package…heck I’ve enjoyed every package. Thank you so much.


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