Wizardly September #OTSPSecretSister Package!!!


My second #OTSPSecretSister package arrived just as I was preparing for Hurricane Irma (I am OK btw.) I was beyond excited when I saw the card and couldn’t wait to open the gifts.

So, what was the the theme?

Harry Potter

Included in the package were:

  • Harry Potter Funko! Pop (who now sits with Hermione Granger …. now I just need Ron Weasley)
  • Harry Potter bookmark clips
  • Fantastic Beats and Where to Find Them book
  • a cute card

This was my first ever Harry Potter package and I was so ecstatic! Can’t wait to read the book!

I do know who my Secret Sister is, but I don’t want to share her yet! There is quite an interesting story to go along with it, but it can wait until a later time. I want to keep her mine for a bit. LOL

Thank you for yet another awesome package! Thank you for everything! Looking forward to more to come and being a friendship with you!


    1. I was extremely excited because I had never gotten on before. Of course I had gotten Harry Potter stuff before, but never a complete themed one.

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