July DC Super Hero Girls #OTSPSecretSisters Package!!!


The final package from this round of #OTSPSecretSister arrived this weekend and I was beyond thrilled. The package was awesome but I also learned the identity of her, finally – which was just as awesome!

The theme for the final package was …

DC Super Hero Girls/DC Bombshells

Included in the package were:

  • Books: DC Super Hero Girls, Vol. 1: Finals Crisis by Shea Fontana / DC Super Hero Girls, Vol. 3: Summer Olympus by Shea Fontana
  • Batgirl Funko! Pop
  • DC Comics Bombshells deck of cards
  • Missing was a note from Whitley! Yep, finally know who has been sending me such great gifts these past few months. I can’t believe I was not able to figure it out.

Whitley, thanks again for such an awesome six months (with that one mishap that was neither of our faults). You have made the end of each month very grand knowing your package would arrive on my doorsteps with awesome gifts and books.

In the meantime, Round 7 began and I got matched and the person I got is from one of my favorite states and we don’t have a whole in common, but that doesn’t matter. I look forward to the next six months.

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