Book Review: Midnight Sons, Vol. 3

Book Review: Midnight Sons, Vol. 3Midnight Sons Volume 3: Falling for Him / Ending in Marriage / Midnight Sons and Daughters by Debbie Macomber
Series: Midnight Sons #3
on January 26th 2010
Pages: 464
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Location: north of the Arctic Circle. Population: 150 (mostly men!). But the three O'Halloran brothers, who run a bush-plane charter service called Midnight Sons, are heading a campaign to bring women to town.
Falling for Him
Christian, the youngest O'Halloran brother, has a problem, and her name is Mariah Douglas. The Midnight Sons secretary is always losing his messages, misplacing his files and generally creating chaos. Despite that, he can't get her out of his mind…
Ending in Marriage
The clashes between pilot Duke Porter and Seattle attorney Tracy Santiago are legendary. Duke's a tough, rugged individualist who delights in expressing outrageous opinions, particularly when Tracy's around. But she gives as good as she gets…and not just when they're arguing!
Includes a special extra novella!
Midnight Sons and Daughters
Scott O'Halloran and Chrissie Harris are all grown up now. After years away from Alaska, Scott's back in town, and everybody's wondering if he's here to stay. Especially Chrissie, the girl he left behind…

This is the final volume in the Midnight Sons series. This one included three stories, with the last one being a anniversary of the series revolving around the younger characters in the series who are now grown.The first story Falling for Him brought us back to the O’Halloran brothers – Christian, the youngest and ladies man of the three. The lady not of his choosing is Mariah Douglas, whose family hired a lawyer to investigate the brothers previously. Mariah was not having it and eventually the law suit became a dull issue. She did not. Christian has never gotten along with Mariah, who he unwillingly hired as the Midnight Sons’ secretary. He thinks she is a terrible secretary because she’s always fumbling around him and messing up things when he is around. His brothers on the other hand, do not have an issue with her and thinks she a terrific secretary. Christian is bound and determined to get rid of her, but it may not be that simple, especially if he falls in love with her.

Ending in Marriage is the second story in the collection and revolves around fellow Midnight Sons pilot Duke who unsuspectingly is falling for Seattle-based attorney Tracy Santiago. Tracy happens to be the lawyer the Douglas family hired to investigate Midnight Sons. Duke and Tracy have clashed since they moment they laid eyes on one another. However, it seems that the two may be falling for each other, especially after a nearly tragic helicopter crash. Neither knows how to deal with their feelings, but hopefully they will figure things out quickly.

And the final story in this collection – Midnight Sons and Daughters – happens to be an anniversary story for the series and reintroduces each character as the story of the younger characters comes to light as adults. Scott O’Halloran and Chrissie Harris have had their ups and downs relationship and friendship wise. As a teenage couple, Scott left Chrissie to join the military and get away from his parents. He left her again when he was engaged to another woman – whom he didn’t love apparently. Now he is back and Chrissie is not very happy, in fact, she’s made it her mission to steer clear of Scott, who may just be moving back to Hard Luck permanently, again.

I would definitely recommend this collection to anyone, whether you read the previous two volumes or not. They are short and sweet love stories. I especially like the final story in the series because it was nice to know what happened to everyone in the original stories.

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