DAY SIX: Random Acts of Kindness Day

What a fitting day for the last day of GUOTS. Talk about the kindness you’ve seen in the blogging world, the positives and the things that are uplifting. Talk about the good, and the good that can be done, too.

I blogged sever years ago, but I was not very consistent and I mainly blogged about the Backstreet Boys and NASCAR. I mainly posted of when I updated my stories and that was it. I gave it up for a few years. One day early last year I stumbled upon a reading challenge that made me want to start blogging again, but this time I didn’t want to blog about NASCAR or the Backstreet Boys. Instead I wanted to blog about books and join the book blogging community.

I did not know how much I had missed out in the book blogging community. And I did not know how wonderful and welcoming it was.

From on blog – home of the reading challenge – I stumbled upon other blogs and then reintroduced myself to Twitter. I haven’t been a part of Twitter in such a long time. And after one follow and Bloglovin’ follow, I have immersed myself into Twitter again and into the book blogging community. It has been such a wonderful decisions.

I never knew book swaps existed or that secret santa type swaps were a thing. I know attempt to participate in as many swaps as I can and can afford. Because of #OTSPSecretSister I have met such awesome people. During all these swaps I have experience such great experiences. I have received such awesome books and gifts. Met such awesome people.

I have never felt like I don’t belong in this wonderful community. Everyone on Twitter, who wants to, talks and replies. They visit my blog and keep up with my updates both via blog and Twitter.

I wouldn’t trade book  blogging for the world. I would feel incomplete without this world now. Thank you to everyone who has and continues to be so welcoming to me and my blog.


    1. It is such a wonderful experience. I love being able to create gifts or gift boxes concepts for people. I enjoyed my sisters reaction last round.

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