Book Review: In Over Her Head – Hannah Smart

Book Review: In Over Her Head – Hannah SmartIn Over Her Head: Hannah Smart by Melody Fitzpatrick
Series: Hannah Smart
on September 17th 2016
Pages: 192
Reading Challenges: Bookopoly 2017, COYER Blackout: Winter Storm

Being totally scared of the ocean is no big deal when it means being on TV with the boy of your dreams — right?
Hannah Smart is the happiest she’s ever been. She’s doing great in school, she’s got her own spot on the Friday evening news, and she’s desperately in love with the boy next door.But when Hannah’s boss asks her to be part of a treasure-hunting reality show for teens, she instantly feels ill. For most kids, a high-seas adventure searching for treasure would sound amazing, but for Hannah, who suffers horribly from seasickness, it’s a total nightmare. When she finds out that her crush and “the more perfect than perfect” Piper Steele will both be there, she has no choice, and agrees to the trip. In true Hannah fashion, she comes up with a plan to overcome her fears once and for all.What she doesn’t know is that Piper has a cunning plan as well, which means stormy seas for Hannah Smart.

Apparently there are two other books in this series, and eventually I will read them, because this book was a cute and fun read.

Hannah Smart was very relatable to me as my teenage self, except that I was not a teenage newswoman nor was I as personable as she is.

Like most books that feature a teenage bully – they don’t mean to be the be and that’s the case with Piper. Piper does not know Hannah but is jealous of her because of her relationship/friendship with AJ – the common denominator between Hannah and Piper.

I will not give away the story, but if you have time, take it and read this book – and possibly the previous two books. I am sure you won’t be disappointed.

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