Sunday Post #24

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This week has been OK. It was a short week at work, so I had more time to myself and do what I wanted to do and not just work. Also, last week we all learned our hours are going to be cut short and we all (eventually) will have one less day on the schedule. Mine happens to the Monday of my long week, so after this coming week, I will no longer work on Mondays during my long week. I’m okay with that…who wouldn’t be okay with a four day weekend? LOL

This week and the better part of last week I was helping out a friend, Bex with her latest Ninja Book Swap. I have to admit, I enjoyed organizing the blog tour for the swap. I wouldn’t say I have a knack for it, but I could. I appreciate the chance to help Bex out.

Other than that and a little reading, life has been okay. And that’s good because that’s normal and no drama. Life is life and I can deal.



Doing fairly well on reading challenges. Getting caught up on both the #AYearInAvonlea and #ReadNewEnglang challenge, which I got behind on during the summer.

Now since I am making my way through the challenge books, I am reading more books that I want to just because. And obviously I am reading the Anastasia Krupnik series by Lois Lowry, which I will follow with the Sam Krupnik series also by Lois Lowry.

I have received a handful of books lately, and would like to read those as well as working my way through my NetGalley and Edelweiss books.







  • Post at least 1 #LetsDiscuss. (This apparently is going to be a constant LOL)
  • Continue writing and scheduling posts on a regular basis.






Guess where I am going later today?!? *points up*
I took my grandmother (and one of my aunts) to her niece’s 50th wedding anniversary in Orlando Saturday. And we have planned to go to Orlando’s Wahlburgers today. My aunt and I are beyond excited. It’s not Boston’s Wahlburgers, but it is a Wahlburgers. My grandmother isn’t as excited as we are…she’s just along for the ride at that point. LOL


  1. Wow, four day weekends! I’m jealous. I work in a situation where I can have every other day off, but not really long weekends. It’s nice having days during the week off, though, isn’t it? Gives time to do all those little tasks like getting the car fixed and going to the doctor.

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