Sunday Post #17

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This week has been OK. Working mostly. The boyfriend had to go back to work this year – he’s a middle school teacher. His students and the little one go back Tuesday. She is excited. It’s funny how the moment school is over for a few days she says she’s glad it’s over, but almost immediately she’s ready to go back. She loves school. She’s also a social butterfly, but so far her grades stay good. She starts third grade this year and she isn’t quite sure what to think. She didn’t like that we didn’t have to get crayons for school per the supplies list. I think she might be in for a little awakening. But she’ll do well!

Work has been OK. Since I was off last week because of my procedure it’s put me off my sleeping a bit and so work has been interesting, to say the least, this week. About the time I get regulated again, I’ll be off the week of my birthday. Oh well. I will manage.

Looking forward to hearing if I get to participate in #OTSPSecretSister Project! The last day to sign-up was Saturday. And if I am not mistaken, the acceptance and pairings are announced today. *Fingers Crossed*



Made some progress on #COYER Summer Vacation and #ReadNewEngland, oh and #20BooksofSummer, but no where near where I want to be. In August I am participating in the Can You Read a Series in a Month? challenge. And I decided on The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer AND Ten Beach Road series by Wendy Wax. I think I will fair well in the challenge. I also have to make further progress on all of my challenges but most the summer ones.








  • Post at least 1 #LetsDiscuss. (This apparently is going to be a constant LOL)
  • Keep working on COYER Summer Vacation and #20BooksOfSummer progress!
  • Start working Series In A Month? progress.





Couldn’t think of any random picture I would like post. So I left it blank. Yeah I’m tired and my mind can’t think well. 


  1. My summer is officially over tomorrow when I return to work. I teach middle school (8th grade math), and my students start a week from tomorrow. I’m sure your little one will do quite well in 3rd grade. The Lunar Chronicles has been on my TBR list for so long, I’m beginning to wonder if I’ll ever start it. Instead of hoping to get to the books “this year,” I’m just hoping to get to them in “this lifetime,” now. Enjoy your week! My Sunday Post.

    1. The boyfriend teaches 7th grade ELA and his mom teaches 8th math like you!
      I like that…this lifetime. I’d like to have them as well.

  2. I hope your recovery is going well.

    And I keep forgetting that your school years start mid-year… I was wondering what you meant about ‘starting the year’. Here in Australia our school years go from late Jan / Feb to December. And the long break (end of school) is in Dec – January, which is our summer.

    1. It went well. Thanks!

      Yeah, most schools in the states goes from from August/September through May/June. With June-July as summer.

    1. So far it has been good, he says, but the school year has just begun. Good luck with your new school year!

      So far she has enjoyed it too. She loves school regardless and now she feels like she’s a big girl.

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