Sunday Post #13

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Work has been work. A bit hectic or crazy at best. While some times those days are ok, there are times where it just drives me completely insane. But I actually try not to complain about it too much b/c for the most part I like this job and I glad that I am working at the hospital.

I haven’t done much of anything else other than working, eating and sleeping…aka THE LONG WEEK! However, this coming week is my short week…so I get the weekend off and I hope that we have plans to go to a WNBA game in Atlanta. Who knows? Maybe we will get to go or at least get to go out of town and have a good time. I also hope to maybe get to watch a movie. Any suggestions? (You should know I don’t just like anything. I am very picky about my movie selections.)



If I am not mistaken I think there is only 1 more week to vote for what selections I will read for the #MakeMeReadIt readathon next month… please take a moment to help me decide the order by voting here Summer Reading Challenges!!! Thank you so very much.



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Happy Independence Day! 


    1. They both were good. Other than Justice League I’ve never read Wonder Woman or Aquaman by themselves. The New Rebirth has been good so far. You should read them, if you haven’t already.

  1. Happy 4th July!

    It’s good you enjoy work and it sounds as if it doesn’t STAY busy, even if it does get busy from time to time.

    Hope you got to the WNBA game!

    1. Most of the time it is busy. There are just moments where we relish the lack of busy LOL. They are far and few between lately.


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