Book Review: The Princess Diaries, Vol. IX: Princess Mia

Book Review: The Princess Diaries, Vol. IX: Princess MiaPrincess Mia by Meg Cabot
Series: The Princess Diaries #9
on January 6th 2009
Pages: 274
Reading Challenges: #20BooksOfSummer, COYER Summer Vacation, Make Me Read It

A Princess on her own . . .
Mia has been invited to speak at a gala for Domina Rei, an elite society of powerful businesswomen. But what could she possibly have to say? Michael has broken up with her, her bff Lilly won't speak to her, and her parents are forcing her to see a therapist. Even J.P.'s efforts to cheer Mia up (he's being really sweet!) aren't helping.
Just when things couldn't get worse, Mia discovers a long--forgotten diary of a teenage princess of Genovia. It could be just the inspiration Mia needs to write her speech--but what it reveals might change everything.

I read this book as part of the #MakeMeRead It Readathon. (In addition to #20BooksOfSummer & COYER Summer Vacation).

I did not know how much I had missed Princess Mia!

I felt like I was in my twenties again as the memories came flooded back while revisiting Mia right where I left off. Michael has broken up with her so he can go to Japan and work on robots yet also in attempt to be (or feel) good enough for her now since she’s a princess. And Mia…well she is devastated. She can’t make herself get out of bed to go to school, to shower, to do anything but watch TV, use the bathroom and eat. He parents are beside themselves. Mia is beside herself! She’s never had her heartbroken before and just doesn’t know how to react. Eventually, her father physically takes her to therapy – which she is not to happy about.

Not only has her relationship ended but her best friend, Michael’s sister, Lilly, won’t talk to her and she really doesn’t know why. It seems that she’s falling about, so maybe the therapy is what she needs.

I definitely enjoyed this book (as I did will all the others I read in my twenties). I liked the trip down Memory Lane and am looking forward to finishing the series. Although, I think the series is continuing at least with one more book. And then, of course the From the Notebooks of a Middle School Princess series which follows Mia’s half-sister Olivia.

I would definitely recommend this book, along with ALL of the others before and after it (even if I haven’t read them yet). You will enjoy a good read about a normal, everyday girl becoming an extraordinary woman.


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