Book Review: Anne of Ingleside

Book Review: Anne of InglesideAnne of Ingleside by L.M. Montgomery
Series: Anne of Green Gables #6
on May 1st 1984
Pages: 274
Reading Challenges: #AYearInAvonlea

Anne is the mother of five, with never a dull moment in her lively home. And now with a new baby on the way and insufferable Aunt Mary visiting - and wearing out her welcome - Anne's life is full to bursting.
Still, Mrs Doctor can't think of any place she'd rather be than her own beloved Ingleside. Until the day she begins to worry that her adored Gilbert doesn't love her anymore. How could that be? She may be a little older, but she's still the same irrepressible, irreplaceable redhead - the wonderful Anne of Green Gables, all grown up... She's ready to make her cherished husband fall in love with her all over again!

Anne of Ingleside is the sixth book in the Anne of Green Gables series. It takes place seven years after the last book and spans four years in the Blythe family.

It starts with Anne visiting her childhood and bosom friend Diane (Barry) Wright in Avonlea following the death of Gilbert’s dad. Diana, who is still married to Fred, is now the mother of Freddy and Anne Cordelia. Anne is now the mother of five – James Matthew “Jem”, Walter Cuthbert, twins Anne “Nan” and Diana “Di”, and Shirley. Anne and Diana reminisce about their childhood and hope they never forget.

The family returns home to Ingleside, which is the former Morgan house, where Susan, the house maid, is awaiting for them. Susan has a fondness towards little Shirley. Anne had a hard labor and was very sick once he was born, so Susan took care of the newborn until Anne was well again.

Throughout the book, each of the “honest Ingleside children” except for Shirley, has an adventure (or two). Each proving that they are very much their mother’s children.

Jem loses a pet, but not by dead and constantly feels like he doesn’t belong or special because he’s the only one not born at Ingleside, instead he was born at the House of Dreams,

Nan, who looks like Gilbert but with hazel eyes, is naive and is easily deceived by a friend.

Di, who looks like her mother, but with brown eyes, is not only naive and deceived by one friend, but two.

Walter is convinced is mom is dying by children he is staying with while his mom is in fact giving birth to baby sister Bertha Marilla “Rilla”

Rilla feels ashamed to carry a cake to another woman’s house.

Like previous books, L.M. Montgomery does not discuss Anne’s pregnancy or Rilla’s birth other than sending the children to stay with family or friends while she delivers the last of the Blythe children. Rilla is the very much her mother’s twin in looks and attitude.

Also, for a year Gilbert’s Aunt Mary Maria Blythe visits causing quite a few interesting interactions and who appears to never actually be leaving.

Before the book end, Anne believes that Gilbert is falling out of love with her in addition to feeling worn down in her life. So she tries to get Gilbert to fall back in love with her.

This was possibly my second or third favorite, so far, of the series. I enjoyed reading every minute of it. And I loved Anne as a mother.


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