Book Review: Little House in the Big Woods

Book Review: Little House in the Big WoodsLittle House in the Big Woods by Laura Ingalls Wilder, Garth Williams
Series: Little House #1
Reading Challenges: #LittleHouseRAL

Wolves and panthers and bears roamed the deep Wisconsin woods in the 1860's. Still, Laura Ingalls' father preferred to live miles away from the nearest neighbors. So Pa built a snug cabin for Ma, Laura, Mary and Baby Carrie. He hunted and trapped and farmed. Ma made her own cheese and sugar. All night long, the wind howled lonesomely, but Pa played his fiddle and sang, keeping the family safe and cozy.

I have never read this series (Little House on the Prairie series by Laura Ingalls Wilder). That does not mean I never wanted to. I have always enjoyed reading but for some reason I never picked up a book in this series to read. Before moving out of my mom’s house I made sure to grab which ones she had of the original series (which was all bout the second and the last one). My mom, in fact, loved these book and the t.v. show…which was the only way I knew of Laura Ingalls and her life on the prairie in pioneer days. So, after venturing to Purple Ink Studies for the Anne of Green Gables series reading challenge, I stumbled upon the Little House Read Along. And I thought it was a great opportunity to finally pick up these books and read for the very first time. So far I have not been let down.

Little House in the Big Woods” was a really good book to read at any age, but as a children’s book I imagine it would have been very informative. Written in third person, the first book in the Little House series, follows a year in the life of Laura Ingalls a young girl who lives with her mom, father, and two sisters in house in the woods during pioneer times. Although it seems that the story is suppose to mainly be about Laura, it is very informative of all the characters…except baby sister Carrie. Often I forgot she was a member of the family until Wilder mentioned her the few times. I enjoyed all the little stories as to how food and things were made for the Ingalls family to survive in the woods, in the pioneer days and throughout the year. Wilder was very good at explaining, listing and describing the most important things for the family’s survival.

I am looking forward to the next book in the series as well as the remainder of the books.

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  1. I loved the Little House series growing up and In the Big Woods was by far my favorite. I’ve always enjoyed the tales Pa tells throughout the books, but have always felt they were more detailed in the first book. I also have to agree with you about Carrie, she is like a lost child until The Long Winter when she has to take on more responsibility. Maybe that’s why Lindsay Sidney Greenbush got the short end of the stick on the tv series. Anyway, very nice review and I look forward to reading your thoughts on the rest of Wilder’s stories.
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