And The Excitement Continues…

This past September my best friend, Tara and I went on our first cruise and visited NYC for the first time. It was also the first time we had seen each other in over 4 years, if I am not mistaken. And yes that’s too long of a time to go without seeing your best friend (or in our case TMFL). The cruise was a New England/Canadian cruise departing from New York City. The week long cruise left from NYC and made four stops (Boston, MA – Portland, ME – St. John, New Brunswick, CAN –  Halifax, Nova Scotia, CAN) before heading back to NYC. We spent a day before the cruise and 2 days after the cruise in NYC and explored, saw, and ventured as much as we could. There is so much to see and I know we barely saw it. But I do know I did enjoy myself. We got to be in the studio audience of the The View, which was a wonderful and amazing experience. Spending time with Tara and seeing these new places, all of which I wanted to visits in the past, was wonderful. The cruise was fabulous. I couldn’t stop talking about the cruise for days, weeks, and even now months after…so much so that I suggested on a whim (not really lol) that we go again. And guess what… we are…but this time to the BAHAMAS!!!

Now, if you know (or have seen) either of us, or me at least, then you would know how very pale we two white girls are. So it goes without saying that we will need to stock up on the highest SPF sunscreen! The 5-day cruise is in May and departs from Jacksonville, FL. and makes two stops (Half Moon Cay, Bahamas – Nassau, Bahamas). The images are beautiful and although I am not a beach person, I honestly don’t think that matters when it comes to visiting such beautiful places. Bright side, maybe I’ll come back with some sort of a tan and not severely sunburnt.

Let the countdown to begin … 110 days until we leave for the Bahamas!

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